...this site is about affiliate promotion
and a little bit of eCommerce...

That’s the plan anyhow. Still in many ways at a starting point, but the plan here is to develop and manage an Assets Catalog, and to promote certain products or services, that I myself use and trust…. 

I have a handful of affiliate deals now, and more to come.  Learning and learning…there is a lot involved in this kind of business plan, too.


Actually, this name, address and logo refer to my whole site system containing several sub-domains, and here in particular to this site,

This site is in a change

This (or, or used to be an extension or an enlargement of my (or ) site.
But not anymore.

As you can see from above texts, this site and these sites are changing and evolving all the time.

Some technical things

Some words about things under the hood.
  • This is integrated to my HubSpot CRM service via Chat function
  • This site is also integrated to my Slack channel and Mailchimp mailing list via contact forms and newsletter sign ups.
  • >For the Assets Catalog I now use WooCommerce, although there are other alternatives, too.
More content to be seen here hopefully pretty soon. — Teemu, July 23rd, 2019 —


Gränsbackankuja 5 B 107,
20320 Turku, Finland